Welcome my Pantastic Friends to the NEW AND IMPROVED Pandarazzi!!

Panda Quilt Block by Sandra Miller

Now that we have finalized our 4 Panda Tribe adoptions through Pandas International, I discovered that the forum was not going to work as well as I had hoped.  I went to update this weekend and got hit with a storage fee and various other limitations that I was not willing to live with.  Any extra money should go to the pandas and other needed causes and not in the pocket of a “Free Blog” service…lol!

So after a lot of thought as to what to do, I decided that I adore blogging as I do on GRAFFITI GOSSIP.  I am religious about it and know my way around the Word Press admin very very well by now!   I am in the process of transferring all our Panda Tribe info over to a really nice storyboard html page that will link from here.  We can add our baby photos to the albums as we get them.

You will see my 4 favorite pet projects are above in the photo links.  Each will take you to the corresponding charity that I personally visited in those countries and can attest to the care and dedication these folks give the animals in their charge.  These will be the 4 species I will concentrate on working to raise funds for via Project Panda.

There is much more to come.  I just wanted to make sure you all didn’t wonder if you were going crazy when this blog came up instead of the Pandarazzi Forum.  Please comment on the posts as often as you like and feel free to leave suggestions.  This is going to be a very GREEN blog with a variety of helpful suggestions for all of us to create a happier planet

Panda Hugs to all!