WATER TRIBE…Prepare for cute overload!!!!..NEW IMAGES!!!!


Are you guys ready for this!!! Our bestest friends on the planet…Carrie Phillips  (adoption coordinator) and Suzanne Braden, founder of Pandas International went truly out of their way to fill my request for photos of our 4 adoption tribe cubbies.  Thank you ladies and the staff in China so much for helping give this ole girl a good long cry and giggling fits as I’m sure wil happen to the rest of the Pandarazzi readers

Jing Shui or

Hi Sandra,

Well, get ready to smile and laugh! Here are pictures of your beautiful girl Jing Shui. I know the English part of her name is Peaceful Water but she doesn’t look very peaceful to me…she looks very full of energy Plus, she looks like a little escape artist! Adorable! Seeing the panda pictures is one of the best parts of my work day and always makes me smile.

Jing Shui or

Jing Shui or

Jing Shui or

NEWS FLASH…added 1/2 hour later!!

Hi Sandra,

Here is an update on Jing Shui. I didn’t correct the English on this update and you can see that the word “it” is used rather than the word “she”. I’m told the Chinese language does not make the same gender distinction that we do. This is always a challenge when trying to figure out whether a panda is a male or female! Of course, we know that Ying Ying’s cub is a female.

You can send the update to your adopters as it is or correct it as you like.

Ying Ying’s baby can walk and play independently, especially like climbing the fence.  it is always trying to climb high and often slide down the fence. however, it never feels the pain, only running to its mother to look for affection, which makes it very happy.

Jing Shui or

Jing Shui or


More photos are on the way of the other cubbies as I receive them!!!!!  One per post!.




5 Responses to “WATER TRIBE…Prepare for cute overload!!!!..NEW IMAGES!!!!”
  1. Linda Wroth says:

    I can’t stand it–too cute!! Where is she exactly? What are the plans for rebuilding or moving the Wolong center?

  2. Catherine says:

    OMG!! She is super cute!!!! She wants out to play, what a little ham!

  3. karom burke says:

    OMG !!! She is beautiful. I want to adopt more. Thank you for your hard work.

  4. Mama Bear says:

    I’m so thrilled you like hte pix LInda, Cathy and Karom!!! I was so excited to get some many images of her!!!

    Linda she is at the Bifex. facility…all of our babies are there at the moment

  5. Diana says:

    What a beautiful baby—she seems very inquisitive—almost as if she is staring into the camera!!! I bet her little mind was trying to figure a way she could get out to investigate–maybe take pictures of her own!