Mission Moonbear sponsors..meet your boy “Mandela”


After much anticipation on my part as well as the 25 MISSION MOONBEAR sponsors of the quilt project, I am extremely pleased to announce that we get to sponsor the bear I chose at AAF China!  This is MANDELA!!!

Photo by AAF: Proud Mandela in 2007...healthy and free

Photo of Mandela all happy healthy and proud in 2007, courtesy AAF staff

Photo by AAF Mandela in 2005 during his rescue

Mandela when he arrived…the fur rubbed off his head from the small cage…..photo courtesy AAF staff

Photo by AAF Jane Goodall with

Photo of Jane Goodall with Jill Robinson AAF founder with Mandela… courtesy AAF staff

Moonbear Rescue in 2005...photo courtesy AAF

Photo of the rescue of the bears by the AAF staff


And here is Mandela as we saw him last February 2008 on-site at the AAF Rescue facility in Chengdu.  Thank you Diana Hillygus for letting me use this image of him here!!  I will be posting more of Diana’s and my images of Mandela over time.

A huge THANK YOU goes out to Jill Robinson/founder of AAF and Alice Ng, the US AAF representative for all the help you gave me and the photos you provided.  They are truly appreciated by all of us!!

I will be sending the money for Mandela by January 26th…CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!  I would also like to add some more Hung Bao /red envelopes to the stash I’m sending AAF for Mandela….take a peek at the previous blog entry for more info on Hung Bao for Mandela.

Also, your personalized quilt squares will be ready to download soon…stay tuned!!





5 Responses to “Mission Moonbear sponsors..meet your boy “Mandela””
  1. elise says:

    Oh beautiful Mandela! I am so happy he our adopted guy. Seeing this magnificent boy with that sparkle in his eye makes me so happy. I wish we could adopt them all!

  2. Diana says:

    Woo Hoo—THE SECRET IS OUT!!!!!!! I couldn’t be more proud!!!

  3. Deb says:

    I am soooo happy to see our efforts are bringing the good life for that handsome boy I have a smile from ear to ear…., to think he was named by Jane Goodall too, what an honor indeed. I’m with you Elise, if only we could bring more joy and less heartache to these beautiful creatures of God.

  4. Elise says:

    From your lips Deb! Maybe we can adopt them all. 😉

  5. Mama Bear says:

    Girls..isn’t he beautiful???? I am so pleased we got to sponsor Mandela. He isn’t on AAF’s regular list of bears we could sponsor. I asked for him specifically and was so tickled they agreed to it. I am with you all….lets adopt more!!!!