Congratulations Mission Moonbear #2 sponsors!!! We did it!!!


THANK YOU DONATORS….WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO.. We now reached our goal of 600.00 needed for our beautiful moonbear who we can now give an identity to as well…our handsome man’s name is”Mityan”.  Have you ever seen such a classic and handsome moonbear boy  (well of course….our Mandela man!!!!)  SCROLL DOWN FOR MUCH MORE

Mityan our new sponsored blind moonbear at Pandarazzi

Below is the letter I received from Jill Robinson who is the founder of Animals Asia regarding the moonbear I chose for us to sponsor.

I will start a special web page for Mityan this week to chronicle any updates and any photos I take when I return to Chengdu this year along with a list of his new “family” of donators.

Bryan Pynn
Liz Pynn
Gayle DiCesare..again.. in Memory of Puffin
Elise Ney ..again
Kristin Schunckle
Gregory Gerhardt
Eunice Messer
Lori Love
Marcus Tress
Deb Hethorn
Dania Gerhardt
Lucas Bally
Elise Ney
Gayle DiCesare
Sandra Miller

Hi there Sandra, huge congratulations from us all for another phenomenally successful fundraiser for the bears. Here’s one of my favourite pics of Mityan – a truly joyous bear and one, which I say to all who visit him on site, is the perfect example of a huge and handsome moon bear.

This was what I wrote about him after he arrived in December 2005:

Mityan shocked us all when he arrived as it was clear from the start that something was very wrong with his eyes. This poor bear is blind. We have no idea why just now but, incredibly, he is a sweet and gentle bear who is remarkably fearless for a sightless animal and “ID’s” everyone and everything by raising his nose into the air and breathing in a good snout full of information.

As soon as he hears the food bowls being prepared outside in the corridor his handsome head turns towards
the sound, as he knows already that this signals his favorite time of the day. Chow time. A lovely character – which will hopefully make eventual homing and management a little easier. Mityan will have his health check soon but, already we know that he is a victim of the terrible “free-drip” method of bile extraction.

He just didn’t change and went on to become one our favorites as he just gets on with life with a happy, calm demeanor. We had an ophthalmologist out at the end of last year and sadly she has said that they cannot restore his sight. Still…..he’s a happy boy and adores his girlfriend blind Akimo. The two of them have now been integrated with another popular (and blind) bear we received last March – Wilfred (previously nicknamed Watermelon) – and it’s just wonderful to see how happy they all are together.

I’ll leave Alice to talk through the accounts side with you Sandra, but just wanted to get this off and wish you a happy Valentines Day from us and your four-legged friends in Chengdu, with our grateful thanks, Jillx

Jill Robinson MBE *
Founder & CEO
Animals Asia Foundation





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  1. Kronstadt Panda Revival says:

    What a gorgous story,its so great to see this handsome bear looking content.It makes a refreshing change to see humans contributing something to the natural world,rather than taking from it.