BAI XUE October 2010 Photo Courtesy Pandas International

Photo courtesy Pandas International


You can read more about the  process of adopting Bai Xue HERE

Hi Sandra,  Please share this update and adorable pictures of Bai Xue with the Yin Yang Tribe. Such a cutie!


Now your baby’s weight is 112 kg.  Every day it has bamboo of about 15 kg, 2,400 g Wowotou, 400 g carrot, 400 g apple, and 1 kg bamboo shoot.  It has a good appetite.  Even though it is very hot these months, it has no influence on its appetite at all.  But it has less movement.  Most of the time, it stays in the den to for rest and sleeping. It goes into the playground to walk when it is cool.  It has a good relationship with its keepers. As soon as it hears keepers are calling it, it would go to them.  Very cute.

Thank you Yin Yang Tribe for your adoption!

Carrie Phillips
Pandas International

BAI XUE October 2010 Photo courtesy Panda International

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Every Childs Sandra Miller ©2010

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