Watching African wildlife LIVE on your computer!!!


You guys…I recently discovered an incredible new way of watching wildlife LIVE from Africa and I can hardly stay away from this website.  It is called WILDEARTH.TV

I recorded a few minutes of live streaming video from last night’s game drive (BELOW) and a bit from this morning (ABOVE) to give you the general idea of how personalized this cutting-edge game drive concept is!!

The audio last night was having problems but usually is very easy to understand

The website even has a 24-hour cam aimed at a watering hole so when everyone in Africa is sleeping and the night creatures are out…you can see them LIVE!! Yesterday I got to watch 3 hyenas bathing in the watering hole. LIVE!!!

To top it off, every member of this FREE service gets a personal webpage and there is live chat open during the game drives with the viewers as well as immediate interaction with the driver, tracker, and camera operator on the vehicle.  It’s very hard to describe.  You just need to drop in and visit for yourself.

Below is from the WildEarth website to help fill you in on what it’s all about.


Welcome to our world. WildEarth (WE) is a LIVE wildlife broadcaster. We broadcast from Djuma Game Reserve, which is a Big 5 reserve next door to the Kruger National Park in South Africa. Every morning (06h00 CAT (Central African Time)) and again at 16h30, WE go out on a LIVE presenter lead safari. At 09h00 every weekday WE do a LIVE bush walk and on Sunday nights at 19h30 WE site around the fire and discuss the week’s events.
We are on a mission to show the world what the wildlife of Africa is really like. To show our friends (that’s why WE are WE) what the reality of Karula the leopardess’s day is, to introduce Wonky the elephant to the world, to explore Mojo the white-tailed mongoose’s territory with him. You see wildlife on the African plain is not about lions killing and elephants charging (although that happens) it’s about the gentle rhythm of connected life, including us.
Please take a look at our website; explore our Facebook page, subscribe to our Blog at become one of our friends.
Then when you are ready to become a member of our cause here, maybe help promote us, maybe help get us some PR, maybe donate some money so that WE can buy Google ads and build a groundswell of understanding … it’s in your nature.